Atheno is a business development company who is working to forward a unique culture for innovation in Sunnhordland. We also contribute to growth in innovation and increased dividend in existing local companies.

Atheno works with schools, entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies and the local industry as a whole. Atheno AS has established and runs the Ungt Entreprenørskap (UE) project in Sunnhordland. UE is a  national project who works with all levels of education, and with the 22 entrepreneurial programmes is a good tool helping pupils and students achieve entrepreneurial skills. The methods in the project is thoroughly developed and evaluated and is a part of a national initiative.

Atheno has developed a new technology- project for secondary school. The project is implemented in close cooperation with local companies. UngTekno is a project wich connect technology, vocational education and entrepreneurship. Pupils in the 9th grade learn how to model a business idea, combine what they know and learn about technology in future vocational education with creativity.

Atheno incubator facilitates the development and commercialization for new and growing businesses with a high level of implementation capacity, strong ideas and a high degree of innovation. In addition to participation the incubator emphasizes the person or the team behind the idea, level of ambition and the degree of innovation.

Atheno can offer the following services:

  • Early phase business modeling and business development, strategy and establishing the company
  • Sales, marketing and communication
  • Running of the company and organization development
  • Funding and obtaining capital
  • The understanding of the funding system and writing applications.