Expected results

The main expected results of the project are the following:

– Two opera/theatre performances will be developed and produced by school students under themes drawn from their science subjects’ curriculum. Through the GSO4SCHOOL approach the participating students’ motivation, participation and performance in science will be increased while at the same time social and gender inequalities will be addressed.

– The participating students through the collaborative, creative and inquiry-based proposed approach will foster their 21st century skills including teamwork, creativity, entrepreneurial and emotional skills

– GSO4SCHOOL will be an inclusive education initiative, directly reaching out to participants including those from underprivileged communities through the involvement of schools in rural areas (at least 100 students from rural areas)

– Disseminate the learning outcomes of the proposed activities as well as mainstreaming and spreading the utilisation of open and innovative education, training and pedagogies, participatory education governance, work methods and resources for teachers and students at all levels of education

– Strengthening of the teaching profession by providing targeted support and trainings for school teachers (42 teachers and educators will be trained during the project’s life time through intensive 5 days summer schools and national workshops).

– Active collaboration between the educational and the research and innovation communities by providing also ICT skills to the participants through the use of innovative web collaborative tools and platforms

– GSO4SCHOOL project aims to contribute to the sustainable investment, performance and
efficiency in school education. The GSO4SCHOOL approach will be elaborated in a way to support
the development of innovative ways to ensure sustainable investment in all forms of learning,
including performance-based funding and cost-sharing. The Guides and the tools will give a clear
view to the participants on how they can achieve a sustainable Network of the GSO4SCHOOL.