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Support Material

In order for the participating school students and teachers to implement the pilots there is the need to have relevant materials and tools as references and examples to support them. All the needed support material (guidelines, training material, instructions, examples) on how the school students could be involved and develop the GSO4SCHOOL performances will be prepared during this Output. The Material will be developed in a simple and attractive way so to be easy to use. Also, already existing scenarios and performances will be presented as examples. The availability of guidelines and supporting documents on GSO4SCHOOL framework and the tools for participants, project target groups and stakeholders is vital for the success of the project. Without clear instructions, users who wish to implement the GSO4SCHOOL approach will not be confident enough to engage with the activities and, as a result, they will not gain the maximum benefit of the resources as well as the implementation. The toolkit will comprise a selection of tools to make the GSO4SCHOOL possible to be realised from the involved participants, enjoy and use for educational, training, evaluation and guidance purposes. In addition, the toolkit will support project target groups and stakeholders to effectively use the educational platform and to reproduce GSO4SCHOOL project once it is ended.

Specifically, the toolkit will include:

– Guides for the school students

– Guides for teachers

– video-tutorials

– already existing examples from implementation of GSO and Learning Science Through Theatre productions

– exercises to introduce the participants with arts components

– assessment methods and the respective tools

All the material will be soon available on the website


GSO4SCHOOL Tutorials