Our Partners

The GSO4SCHOOL consortium brings together key players in the field of Creativity in Education (Science View, EA, HVL), Science Education (EA, NUCLIO, SV, CNR), the arts (HVL, ATHENO), Outreach (Science View, NUCLIO, TPCT, ATHENO), innovation excellence (CNR, TPCT) as well as in the validation and evaluation of activities (CNR, SV) who have invested major efforts in introducing frontier initiatives in schools and youth organisations in Europe and beyond. They all involve schools, students and teachers in their activities and projects. The Open Schools for Open Societies, CREATIONS, CASE, Stories of Tomorrow, CREAT-IT, the Global Science Opera, Learning Science Through Theatre, the Open Discovery Space, CREATESkills, Discover the COSMOS, iMuSciCa, DESCI, Play4Guidance are some indicative examples of successful projects and initiatives that these teams have implemented and still implementing, that make use of methodologies in the field of creativity in education. In the framework of the proposed project these teams are coming together to coordinate their efforts focusing on the development of a road-map for the effective involvement of school students and teachers and present how science and the arts can leverage their participation and engagement in science education in formal, informal and non-formal settings.

Hogskulen Pa Vestlandet (HVL) - Norway
The National Research Council of Italy (IRPPS-CNR) - Italy
NUCLEO Interactivo de Astronomia Associacio (NUCLIO) - Portugal
Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) - Greece
Science View (SV) - Greece
TPCT Consulting & Events Ltd (TPCT) - Cyprus
Atheno - Norway