TPCT Consulting & Events Ltd (TPCT)

Founded in 2014, the main purpose of TPCT Consulting & Events Ltd (TPCT) is to provide innovation excellence, which is efficiently achieved by offering cost effective services and solutions to entrepreneurs, independent enterprises and academic institutions. TPCT’s main scope is to assist innovation & technology transfer, communicate innovation but also to help companies and public institutions to implement and manage technological and services’ innovations. TPCT is also involved in organizing and supporting the implementation of educational programs, organizing and managing technical innovative projects, analyzing and processing statistical data, organizing and implementing communication actions, dissemination and corporate events.

In the GSO4SCHOOL project, TPCT will assist in the development of the required material and framework. Moreover TPCT will organise multiplayer events and workshops assisting in the Outreach of the GSO objectives, especially in Cyprus.